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At Avalyn's Paw Spa, your pet will receive only top of the line grooming services. To begin, we bathe your pet with hypoallergenic and non-toxic products, with the option of unscented shampoo and conditioner if you and/or your pet has chemical or fragrance sensitivities. After a double washing process to rid the fur of dirt, dander, and excess skin oils, your pet is blown dry and prepared for styling. Cyril will then carry your paw baby onto the grooming table and begin working patiently with them, bonding with your pet, making the experience as low stress as possible by talking with them, and observing their temperament in order to work their personality.


The end result is a fabulous new "fur cut" for your paw baby that accentuates the already natural, wonderful qualities of your pet! Grooming preferences such as bows, streamers, bandanas, and essential oil fragrances can be added free of charge, or you can request to have nothing additional added to your pet's spa treatment.


Of course, your own specific hairstyles, fur length, and other requests can be accommodated upon request and are highly welcome! Always feel free to communicate with us about your dog's grooming process or ask us any questions you have!

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