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Recognition for Avalyn's Paw Spa

Best Things NM: The 10 Best Pet Groomers in New Mexico!

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Your dog’s fur coat will get a fur cut at this tranquil spa that caters to four-legged mammals. It’s all about soothing that inner beast with all natural products that don’t irritate, a double wash to really get at the dirt and dander and then a blow dry and styling for a dose of self-confidence. The piéce de resistance is an aromatherapy session topped off by a new bow, bandana or colorful streamer....

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Taos News: Avalyn's Paw Spa in Full Groom

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Cyril Martínez always knew she wanted to focus her career around animals.

She worked with a vet for a number of years and started doing on-the-job training for pet grooming. She learned about grooming and maintenance methods for various dog breeds as well as techniques for calming down dogs who are nervous about being bathed and groomed.

Then in 2011, Martínez discovered the perfect location 

here in Taos to open her own dog grooming business, and Avalyn’s Paw Spa was born.

“I always thought it would be really cool to do something like this,” she said.

Taos, a pet-loving community, already had several dog...

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